The Upcoming Top 5 Event Trends of 2019

Whether you are planning a wedding, baby shower, or another event for 2019, then you need to check out all of the new trends coming your way.

Trend #1- Onesie Bar (These are obviously for baby showers, but you could do this for a bachelorette party or wedding shower too.)

Photo by Melissa Allen

If you are planning on having a baby in 2019, then you need to check out the onesie bars! They have become a BIG hit in the south. My friend Melissa Allen got this together at a recent shower, and the guests loved it! Hostesses are getting these together so guests at the baby shower can design and press the onesies themselves. It’s a personalized gift that you get to make for the baby! You can check out her group, Dust to Diamonds Monograms and Tees on Facebook for more information.

Trend #2- Save the Date Videos

Photo by Lindsay Steele Photography

People have started making Save the Date Videos to post on their social media accounts! The days of Save the Date magnets may still be a thing, but videos are taking Texas over thanks to my friends Lindsay Steele Photography and 14 North Films. People are giving Save the Date videos all kinds of RAVES!

Trend #3- Interactive Displays

Photo by Freepik

Make sure your guests are involved and having fun while they are at your event. Anytime that guests can be interactive, they are going to have fun which makes your event memorable. People have started offering classes at their events such as cocktail classes. They are also offering fresh juice stations, cotton candy stations, chocolate walls, and even a sweets tree to get people more engaged at their event.

Trend #4- Photo/Video Booths (These are not just a trend with weddings, but also birthday parties, showers, and more.)

Photo by Booth Masters

Regular photo booths are losing their luster, and more people are leaning towards video booths, GIF booths, roaming photo booths, augmented reality booths, slow-motion booths, and the 360 experience booths. If you are leaning towards getting a booth, then definitely check out the animated overlays at Photo Booth Graphics! They are also a big hit this year. If you want a photo booth of some sort, check out Dynamic Entertainment Productions or Dance Nhance!

Trend #5- Mosaic Photo Walls

Photo by Dennis Walthers

These are really cool, but they can be a bit pricey. If you have the money to splurge, then I would go for it! This will make your event really unique by giving guests a hands-on experience that they won’t forget. Photos with hashtags are printed onsite within seconds and given to guests to place on the photo mosaic wall. It’s pretty cool if you ask me!



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