The Crayola Experience- Shopping With A Toddler


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I love to shop, but my husband can’t hang with me especially now that we have a 2-year-old in tow! So, what’s a mom/wife supposed to do with a toddler and husband while she shops? Well, let me tell you! TAKE THEM TO A FUN PLACE AT THE MALL!

Most people in the Dallas area usually go to North Park or The Galleria to shop, (and that’s fine if you want to ice skate or check out cool art), but there is a little gem in Plano, Texas that might change your course of action when you need to shop with a toddler and husband!

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Last weekend, I wanted to shop all of the Labor Day SALES! So, I talked my husband into going to Whiskey Cake located in Plano! (See what I did there? My sneaky plan of action because he loves food! hahaha!) By the way, if you haven’t been to Whiskey Cake, you should go there too! They have the best chicken and waffles (my husband’s favorite) and burgers! Oh, they also have amazing hummus, WHISKEY CAKE, and biscuits and gravy! (See the pictures below)

The cauliflower is purple, and my toddler ate it because of the color! Who would have thought that purple food coloring could get a child to eat veggies?
This is their Whiskey Cake! It’s so good, especially with whip cream!

After Whiskey Cake, we went to Willow Bend Mall where the Crayola Experience is located! BEST PLAN EVER because THIS is a toddler playground! I mean, who doesn’t love crayons and modeling clay? Not to mention, they have a row of photo booths that take your picture and turn it into a coloring page! (Pretty cool if you ask me)

So, before we arrived, my husband looked for discounts online. (However, he skipped over the part where teachers get in free! He didn’t even see it. WHO DOES THAT?) So, we ended up paying for a season pass which is the best deal by the way! (You can see more on pricing here. )

When we arrived, we were given two tokens a piece to buy certain things inside. You could purchase modeling clay or wrap a crayon with your name on it. The crayon was pretty neat because who doesn’t love a crayon with their name on it?

As soon as we were inside, my daughter ran straight to the Crayola bar where there was an abundance of crayons and she could color any sheet they had available.

Of course, after she colored for about five minutes, she ran to the melted Crayola art station where she made a fantastic piece of art!

So, there are several things to keep a toddler and husband busy for at least an hour or so giving you the chance to take advantage of those awesome SALES! 🙂

Oh, and they also have a Crayola giftshop where I found out that I could get a refund for being a teacher, so now I can go anytime and get in FREE! And even if you are not a teacher, the prices are still affordable! Next time you want to go shopping, check it out!

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