My Obsession with Zara!

I recently became obsessed with a cute little clothing store called Zara. Yes, this store has been around for a while, but my obsession just started a few months ago, and yesterday as I was strolling through North Park in Dallas, I realized that this store is now a weakness of mine!

But, let’s start at the beginning of this journey. I am not a small girl, so I never thought Zara would have any clothing in my size, and that’s the reason I never ventured into the store. However, at the beginning of June, I was strolling by, and I saw a dress that looked like it would fit me, and boy was I so glad that I stopped in! I picked up about 8 items that day, and each one fit my body type! Not only did they fit me well, but they were also very trendy, sophisticated, and stylish! Hence where the obsession came from! AND IT GETS BETTER!!! These clothes are AFFORDABLE and GOOD QUALITY! Not only that, but do you know how a lot of stores add new merchandise seasonally? Well, it seems like Zara is adding new merchandise constantly! LET ME REPEAT!!!! CONSTANTLY!!!

Zara is updating their store weekly with new trends and runway type items at AFFORDABLE prices! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PRESSURE THAT IS FOR ME? I crumble so easily! My new Zara addiction will probably turn into another unhealthy relationship of boxes and boxes being shipped to my house like Amazon and Target! Which brings me back to yesterday as I was strolling through North Park!

ZARA literally stopped me in my tracks and became my latest weakness as I noticed the baby and kid’s section! TALK ABOUT PRESSURE! If there is one thing I like to do more than shop for myself, well, that’s shopping for my kids! I fell in LOVE with Zara once more!

They have the most stylish clothing for babies and kids! I walked into the store and my eyes glistened at the perfectly lined up racks of pinks and mustard yellow fall outfits for little girls! “HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS,” I thought to myself as I picked out two pairs of jeans, two sweaters, and a skirt with a top for my daughter! Well, now I do, and honestly, it’s probably the worst thing that will happen to my bank account this year! Or maybe the best! Lol.

The top and skirt are from Zara, shoes from Old Navy, and the necklace is from J Crew.
Holland has on top and skirt from Zara! She was a little mad here! lol
The top and jeans are from Zara, shoes are from Joyfolie, and the necklace is from J Crew.
Holland is wearing size 2-3 here. She normally wears 2T or 3T. These are a little big but not by much!
The top and jeans are from Zara.
The necklace is from J Crew.
I hope you like Zara as much as we do!



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