Experiencing Jacob’s Well

My family and I traveled to the Texas Hill Country this past week to experience the breathtaking natural wonder of the artesian spring with crystal clear water, also known as Jacob’s Well.

Jacob’s Well is about 68 degrees year-round, so it’s the place to go and cool off during the sweltering summer heat of Texas. I have heard wonderful things about this well, so I knew it was one of those gems that needed to be checked out.

On Monday afternoon, we set off to explore Jacob’s Well. We had booked our reservation in advance from 2 pm-4 pm which is recommended because they only allow 60 people in the well at each reservation opening. You’re limited to a 2-hour visit at the well, but I honestly think that’s plenty of time.

Once we arrived, we checked in with the parking attendant, received our wristbands to swim, and the attendant pointed us in the direction of the well and told us it was an easy 10-minute walk.

This is my daughter, Holland, running along the path to the well. 

Luckily, it didn’t seem like ten minutes to get there. Once we arrived, the well was quite empty, but the number of visitors doubled within the first hour, but that was probably one of the best parts about the trip because I love meeting new people. Of course, everyone was very respectful, cautious of one another diving into the well, and just happy to be soaking up the sun with an abundance of new found community.

If you are anything like me, then jumping off cliffs into very COLD water might not be your thing, and that’s fine because it’s still fun to watch other people jump in. My crew members are the adventurous ones, so watching them was very entertaining even though I wouldn’t let them jump from the high rocks.

My kid and his friend watching someone jump from the high rocks.

Jacob’s Well is much smaller than I thought. The opening to the well is surrounded by solid rock covered in very shallow water. You have to be a brave one to jump in from a high point. You could easily miss the opening if you jumped in wrong or slipped, SO BE VERY CAREFUL if you do decide to jump in from one of the high rocks. There are lower rocks that are much safer to jump in from.

Jacob’s Well

The area also has a whole river that is connected to the well that you can swim in. However, there are no lifeguards on duty and there is a small fee to swim. If you are going to get in the water, then I HIGHLY recommend wearing a pair of water shoes because the rocky area is very slippery.

If you are not planning on swimming in the well area, then there is no fee to enter the natural park. A fee is only required to swim in Jacob’s Well. The area around the well is a great place for a picnic. You can bring food and drinks into the area, but no glass bottles or alcohol. Pets and smoking are not allowed either. I recommend going later in the evening or early in the morning before it gets too hot.

Address: 1699 Mount Sharp Road, Wimberley, Texas 78676

Fees to swim in the well: $9.00 per adult, $5.00 per child aged 5 to 12, $5.00 per senior citizen 60+, and free for children under 4.

Reservations are required to swim in the well. You can book a time slot here.

Jacob’s Well is a great place for families and kids to explore. My kids loved it!

Next time I go back to the Texas Hill Country, I plan on visiting Hamilton’s Pool and enjoying some time in the small quaint town of Wimberley.


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