5 Steps To Get Yourself To The Front of a Concert

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Music festivals are a big thing in the fall! Places like Austin, Los Angeles, and Miami are gearing up for their upcoming festivals, and with them come a LOT of PEOPLE!

What does this mean for people that want to get up front and center for their favorite band? Well, you will probably have to arrive early, sacrifice food, bathroom time, and a few more bands to keep that awesome spot you got when you first arrived.

BUT what if I told you that you didn’t have to do sacrifice anything, and you can enjoy other shows, food, and more while waiting for your favorite band to come on stage? AND the best part is, you can still get a really CLOSE spot!!!

The next 5 steps will help you get EXTREMELY CLOSE!

Step 1: Find a Path of Least Resistance

Most people want to be front and center at a concert, therefore, the middle of the crowd has the most resistance. The easiest way to maneuver your way to the front is by going down the sides. Once you get as close to the front as you can, try sliding your way into the crowd sideways. People are pretty willing to let you through as long as you are POLITE! If you are being rude and obnoxious, then you can usually forget about getting through the crowd because most people will build a human wall and not let you go anywhere.


Step 2: Link Hands with Your Friends

If you are weaving through a crowd, the linking of hands will help all of you get through easier. (Now if there are more than 4 of you, then you can usually forget the crowd being so pleasant.) The linking of hands will also keep everyone together, and if the chain gets broken, then make sure you have a cell phone with you because it might be a while before you get back with your friends.



Pushing your way through the crowd is a sure way to get yourself in an argument or possible fight with someone. If you are POLITE and say excuse me, MOST people will let you through. Now, that doesn’t mean you are going to get right up to the fence, but it will definitely help you get as close as possible. THANK YOU, EXCUSE ME, and saying a bunch of SORRY’S will get you a long way.

Step 4: Watch for People Leaving

When you see someone leaving the crowd, then this is a good time to get closer. You can slip into the direct path that they are leaving from. This can be tricky, but if you apologize for going through and say excuse me, then people usually let you go through without any type of resistance.

Step 5: Become Friends with the People Around You

Say hello to the people around you. Ask them where they are from, or what’s their favorite song by the band that’s playing. This is very helpful because if someone is taller than you, then he or she is usually willing to let you stand in front of them to see better.


My husband and I attended The 20th Anniversary of The Goo Goo Dolls this past Wednesday night, and we started off in the back. We used all of the strategies listed above and got pretty close to the stage. Check out the pictures below. (Sorry for the quality. They are from my phone)

My husband and I waiting for the concert to start!
This is where we started.. You can barely see anything!
We used the side strategy to get this close!
Once someone left, we used their path to get closer.
Even though we were not right up at the front, we were close enough to get some good pictures!

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